Facial coding is the process of interpreting human emotions through facial expressions. Facial expressions are captured using web camera and then decoded into its respective emotions.

Affect lab helps to capture the emotions of any respondent when they are experiencing any content or any product. The expressions are captured using a web camera when there is any facial movement such as movement of eyebrows, jaw line, cheek moves etc. It can track any small movement of muscle in the face and can give the data about emotions such as happy, sad, surprise, angry etc.

Now one would wonder what we do with this data. The results of facial coding provide insight into viewers’ spontaneous, unfiltered reactions to visual content by recording and automatically analyzing facial expressions during the process. The data is collected on real time basis and gives cognitive metrics of the user’s true emotions while he is experiencing the content. It depicts the user’s attention, confusion or enjoyment through its facial movement.

The technology has huge contribution in market research as it gives absolute metrics about the user’s emotions towards any content such as advertisements, movie trailer etc. The obtained data can be analysed, and results indicate valence over time, engagement level, emotional peaks and possibilities for improvement. 

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