To launch a new test follow the below mentioned steps:

Step 1: Login to the platform

Step 2: Create a Campaign and click on add test.

Step 3: A test details form opens up > Fill in the test name (10 Character Minimum) > Select the Test type you want to use for this test > Fill the test brief and test instruction (Not compulsory to fill) > Select or erase the check list as per requirement > Click save to create the test.

Test Brief : It gives a brief summary about the test details. The brief should not be more than 100 characters.

Test Instruction : It gives a set of rules that the respondent must follow during the survey.

Step 4: After the test is created > Fill in all the details at each step:

  • Add media/URL 
  • Select the sequence of Media/URL
  • Add Screening/Pre-survey/Post-survey question (if needed)
  • Add testers

Step 5: Hit the Launch button on the top right section of the page

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