To create a pannel in Lucid/P2Solo:

Click Add tester and select Native Panel

Click on the arrow next to Panel in the top right Corner and select lucid/P2 Solo

The Below page will pop up

Select the Country and language as per the media attached

  • Country India, English- we have approx. 87 countries that can be selected
  • Completes- is for the tootle number of tests to be done to complete a campaign (As per requirement)
  • LOI- is for the length of campaign (As per requirement)
  • IR- is for the incident rate for the tests to be completed (As per requirement)
  • Field Days- is for the number of days for the campaign to complete (As per requirement)

Set up age and gender criteria- restrict the age and gender

Mention the Qualification Categories if required.

Check feasibility of the campaign with the above details

Save the details.

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