This explains “how to manage user’s account”

The following steps will help in managing the user’s account:

Step 1: Login to Tenant AffectLab Platform and go to “Settings” tab

Step 2: Click on “organization” and go to the bottom of the page and click manage users

Step 3: We can define 4 function for managing user’s, listed below

(i) Deactivate: You can deactivate someone’s account just by clicking on Deactivate button

(ii) Transfer Ownership: If you want to make another user as the owner of the tenant space simply click “Transfer Ownership” button showing transfer ownership. A pop up will appear as given below in the image. Then write the tenant space name and email id you want as owner and click on ok.

Also only a tenant owner can transfer ownership

(iii) Activate: You can activate someone’s account by clicking on active button

(iv) Resend: This will resend the platform access to the user who have never logged in

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