These are the various options available to draft a Pre and Post survey questions:

Click on Add Question, type the question and select an option from the top right dropdown icon to select the answer type.

  1. Short Answer - Allows user to give one word or one line answer.
  2. Paragraph- Allows user to give the full description in a paragraph.
  3. Multiple choice- Allows user to select one option from the available options.
  4. Checkbox- Allows user to select more than one option.
  5. Dropbox- Allows user to select answer from the dropdown options.
  6. Date- Allows user to select the date from the calendar.
  7. Star Rating - Allows user to select the Stars
  8. Slider Scale - Allows user to slider the defined scale points (Ex., 0 - 10)
  9. Ranking - Allows user to select the options which will be in ranking hierarchy
  10. Linear scale- Allows user to select a store from the available scale.
  • Multiple choice grid- Allows user to select the type of answer from Rows and column
  • Checkbox Grid - Allows user to select multiple answers from rows and columns.
  • We also have options to make the sequence of the question random and compulsory.
  • We can tag media to our questions in order to appear after the media (Post survey) or before the tagged media (Pre Survey).

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